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New York Times

an interesting little article about VO’s.

Chip has done thousands of voice overs for TV and radio commercials.  He loves the work.  You can hear what he does here.  

A couple years ago, Chip got the itch to make movies.  He started writing - plays at first.  Several of them got produced back East.  That experience encouraged Chip to move to Los Angeles and try his hand writing films.  

An good friend in LA, John Putch, who writes and directs, encouraged Chip to do the same.  Chip bought a camera, and started shooting.  He loves it!   Check out some of his work on the shooting page.

Another good friend, Michael Nostrand, got Chip his first editing job.   Chip fell so in love with editing that he now pursues it as a second career.   Take a look at the Editing page to see what Chip can do.

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Chip’s VO work got reviewed!  Look at the 5th paragraph.

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